應當指出並理解,GCC俱樂部不是金融機和投資。而且需要注意的是所有成員都需要很好地了解它是如何工作和GCC俱樂部計劃。 繼GCC俱樂部社會應理解反复提出之前向第三方的任何風險和理解的成員或該計劃的成員,海合會做出任何形式的擔保。希望我們的共同成功。

Dear GCC Club members,
GCC Club is a membership management.
It should be noted and understood that the GCC Club not financial machines and Investment. and to note that all members should understand well how it works and the GCC Club program. Before following the GCC Club community should be understood repeatedly posed any risk to third parties and understand the member or members of this program, GCC makes no warranty of any kind. Hopefully the success of ours together.